Pure Prestine Artesian Water
Sustainable & Recyclable


Plant based carton. Cap made from sugar cane


Light weight carton & refill friendly. H2EAU’s packaging stays cooler for longer


Less Waste, Less Cost, More Hydration.
6L Bag in Box Now available with a dispensing tap for convenience and hygiene.

The outer case of the bag in box is made of cardboard which is recyclable and biodegradable. The 6L of water is contained by a recyclable inner lining that is made of less plastic than the amount required to make one 100 ml bottle.

Our H2EAU Water Box has been designed for heath and hygiene. As water is dispensed through the tap and cannot flow back into the water as opposed to the current conventional 23-27L office dispensers. This mans that the H2EAU 6L Bag in Box remains free from airborne contamination this assuring the highest quality drinking water even after the box has been opened.

Sunlight can’t penetrate the package and this provides further surety of purity and wholesomeness. A two meter connecting line is available which can be connected to the tap on the box to facilitate independence in those living with disability or illness.