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About me

I Love Water.

As a little girl growing up in London, going back and forth to Glencar in Co. Sligo, Ireland, water has been in my blood.

I grew up with it continuously in my backyard… which was enveloped by a gorgeous, spring waterfall of immense natural beauty we called, “THE SPRINGDOM OF WATER.”

I remember listening to magical stories from my father who, as a boy himself, collected fresh mountain spring water with his brother, Terry, to deliver to my great-grandmother.

To this day, I still call it the SPRINGDOM. It has become my life. My passion. And I am bringing it to you

H2EAU Water

H2EAU Water is a healthy credible alternative to Plastic Bottled Water. One of the ways in which Fiona Mcsharry is going about this aspect of her mission is by joining forces with Hollywood writer and Director Harris Goldberg to develop a family of sustainable water commercials.

Eauvolution Beverages’s initiative addresses global concerns 
Over 4 billion plastic bottles end up in the oceans annually. 1.2 billion plastic bottles are bought every minute globally. 80% of plastic bottles end up in landfills and take 450-500 years to break down into hazardous micro – plastics. The Ocean is home to 95% of all life. Eauvolution Beverages is on a mission to begin an avalanche of awareness that we are running out of time. H2EAU is our part of the revolution.  EauVolution CEO and founder Fiona McSharry has returned to County Sligo on a mission to take Glencar, and her “Springdom of Water” to the world. 
H2EAU is a completely plant-based paper carton of water. Even its cap is made from sugar cane. Our goal is to proudly provide consumers a truly ethical bottled water that is not only the purest water in the world from the most beautiful place on earth but also reduces the amount of plastic on our planet. 
Eauvolution’s H2EAU brand can be found at various listings in London, Ireland, Ibiza, and South Africa. Fiona McSharry is proud to bring H2EAU water’s sustainable packaging to an ever-increasing number of consumers worldwide. Eauvolution’s goal is to create environmental and social value along the supply chain extending to partnerships with – environmental non-profits, university collaborations, event alliances, and community projects. H2EAU is not seen as competition to alternatives; H2EAU is incremental. Caring consumers should wise up on Water and make an environmental and social impact, which should start at your local store, hotel, gym, office, and home today.