Carton of Water
Our H2EAU plant-based paper cartons and Bag in Box are on a mission to hydrate our nation for a healthier and happy planet.
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Evolving for the environment.

Eauvolution Beverages lays home to a natural spring water from deep within the rock strata of the Dartry Mountain range in the northwest of Ireland. Our water rises naturally to an identified and protected source located in Tormore; a mountainous woodland of unpolluted splendorous beauty and spiritual stillness. Rigorous and continuous analysis has shown that this prestige water is consistent and stable in composition and is naturally wholesome without treatment or additive. The quality of the water is superb.

We continousoly think about our fragile natural resources, waste reduction and reducing our carbon footprint. Eauvolution beverages is fully committed to the protection and preservation of the environment.


Where it all began, striving for a cleaner & healthier planet, EauVolution beverages lays in the heart of the emerald Isle, Ireland.
EauVolution beverages is continually working hard to preserve mother nature.

Water for Catering & Hospitality

Water in catering & hospitality is vital for cooking, sanitation, and beverage service. Clean, quality water enhances food flavour and safety, elevating guest experiences.

Water for Festivals & Sports Events

Water is essential for sports events, ensuring athletes and spectators stay hydrated. It's used for field maintenance, cooling stations, and medical facilities, promoting health.

Water for Home and Offices

Water is indispensable for homes and offices, serving diverse needs such as drinking, hygiene, cooking, and cleaning. A dependable water supply ensures comfort, well-being, and smooth operations in both settings.

Water for Construction

Water is indispensable in construction, facilitating concrete mixing, curing, dust control, and compaction. Responsible water use is crucial for sustainable construction practices and environmental preservation.

Water for swimming

Water for swimming pools serves as the aquatic foundation, offering a safe and enjoyable environment. Proper filtration, and regular maintenance ensure clarity, hygiene, and swimmers' well-being.

Water for Factories

Water is a vital resource for factories, used in manufacturing processes, cooling systems, and sanitation. Efficient water management enhances productivity and sustains operations.


Pure Prestine Artesian Water
Sustainable & Recyclable


Plant based carton. Cap made from sugar cane


Light weight carton & refill friendly. H2EAU’s packaging stays cooler for longer


Less Waste, Less Cost, More Hydration.
6L Bag in Box Now available with a dispensing tap for convenience and hygiene.

The outer case of the bag in box is made of cardboard which is recyclable and biodegradable. The 6L of water is contained by a recyclable inner lining that is made of less plastic than the amount required to make one 100 ml bottle.

Our H2EAU Water Box has been designed for heath and hygiene. As water is dispensed through the tap and cannot flow back into the water as opposed to the current conventional 23-27L office dispensers. This means that the H2EAU 6L Bag in Box remains free from airborne contamination thus assuring the highest quality drinking water even after the box has been opened.

Sunlight can’t penetrate the package and this provides further surety of purity and wholesomeness. A two meter connecting line is available which can be connected to the tap on the box to facilitate independence in those living with disability or illness.